The courses run by us are aimed at Personal Transformation, & Digital Entrepreneurship. The Personal Transformation courses are based on the practical applications taken from the ancient Vedic Scriptures. The Digital Entrepreneurship empowers you to achieve conscious Excellence in your life.

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Thought Transformation Blueprint

Thought transformation Blueprint course helps you streamline your wayward thoughts. Thoughts keep on appearing and disappearing. Human life is governed by thoughts whether it is action, decision making or achieving success in life. TTB comprises of tested techniques and analytic tools that help you achieve Personal Transformation.

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Our Courses

The courses run by us are aimed at Personal Transformation, & Digital Entrepreneurship. The Personal Transformation courses are based on the practical applications taken from the ancient Vedic Scriptures. The Digital Entrepreneurship empowers you to achieve conscious Excellence in your life.

Thought & Hook Concept

Thought & Hook concept is devised by Dr Ramesh C Raina. According to this concept various thoughts are hooked to our mind. These thoughts could be useful or waste thoughts. It explains how different thoughts move with different frequencies in our mind. It explains the principles of mastery and slavery that a human being faces due to these hooked thoughts.

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SIT-MIT stands for “Self Introspection Technique – Mind Inner Transformation”. It is a scientific Technique. It has four steps that helps people take perfect decisions and achieve excellence in life. The first step is identification of thoughts, the second step is grouping of thoughts, the third step is evacuation of waste thoughts and the fourth step is nourishment of useful thoughts. It is a 10 minute process that can be performed anywhere and anytime in 24 hours.

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DAD Analysis

According to ancient scriptures there are four Ashrams or stages of human life. The first is Brahmachari, the second is Grahastha, the third is Vanprastha and the fourth is Sanyas Ashram. Different Human beings are required to perform different types of duties during each Ashram. DAD analysis describes the list of duties that needs to be performed during each Ashram. It stands for Dharma and Adharama Analysis. It empowers you to perform tasks that are relevant to each Ashram.

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LAAGEE is an analytic tool that helps in identifying waste and negative thoughts occurring in our minds. Our ancient scriptures have emphasized on six major thought disorders. These are lust,anger,attraction,greed,ego and envy. LAAGEE helps in dragging out these negative thoughts from the subtle levels of the mind. Large brain memory becomes vacant when we implement LAAGEE effectively. It helps us transforming these negative and waste thoughts to positive and useful thoughts for better decision making and success.

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This tool is used to identify useful and positive thoughts only. It stands for love,affection, compassion and empathy. These useful thought energies help us live a life of abundance, fulfillment, joy , cheerfulness and peace.

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According to Dvaitadvaita, there is a Jeev or living person, Maya or illusion and the Ishwar or God. All three exist. Where as a living person has three types of bodies like gross, subtle and causal body therefore it is impacted by outside energies. These energies could be Satvik, Tamsik or Rajsik. This course explains about these three types of energies or Shaktis. Once these are identified and taken care of , purification of thoughts start happening.

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Contribution Analysis

Most of the human beings are confused about their contribution. Most of them think that they are born to serve others. According to ancient scriptures the human beings are required to perform duties or tasks in a different manner. This course helps you identify your contribution on four fronts. The first is you yourself, the second is what contribution you have given to your family and parents, then your contribution towards the society, country and finally to the Nature or Prakrati or Cosmos.

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Spanda is a 1100 year old scientific system that helps in recognizing our Vibrating Energies. It was discovered by Abhinavgupt in 9th Century in the Kashmir Valley. It is a meditation technique for soul rejuvenation and development. According to this system everything in this world is vibrating energy. Modern day quantum physics scientists have also researched out this truth. It is all about expansion and contraction of consciousness.

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PAAGE stands for Personal Analysis and Growth Evaluation. This course helps you maintain daily track of your achievements and growth. writing a single page daily helps you achieve excellence in your life, profession or occupation.

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Weekly Conscious Manthan “WCM”

These are live closed door sessions between Dr Raina and the students. Every week new topic is discussed at length. It also helps students clarify their doubts. These sessions help in resolving most of the life, profession and occupation related problems.

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1:1 Problem solving sessions

These are 1:1 coaching sessions conducted by Dr Raina for his students. No other persons are allowed in the live room. The objective of this session is to provide best possible solutions to the problems faced by the students. The problems or challenges are discussed under three categories. The first is personal problems, the second is professional or occupational problem and the third is spiritual problems.

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Weekly Conscious Mastermind events are rejuvenating for our community members. Yearly events like award ceremonies, seminars, workshops add motivational & knowledge value to our stack. Prominent Spiritual and Social leaders grace our events often.

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