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Master Mind, Body and Soul transformation with the help of 6 Indigenous made techniques and processes. Without personal Transformation achieving excellence in life is very difficult.

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Spandashala comprises of two Sanskrit words Spanda and Shala. The word Spanda means Vibrating Energy. It is a process though which we recognize our positive and negative energies. We identify the type of thoughts that deplete our energy and the type of thoughts that enrich our energy. Spanda is 1200 old technique taken from Kashmir Shaivaism. The word Shala means a school.

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About Dr. Ramesh C Raina

The founder of Spandashala is Dr Ramesh C Raina.

A compassionate, people-loving, and caring person; Dr. Ramesh C Raina is fondly known as “r c raina”.He was born in a small village called Chinigund on 18 th May 1964. He grew up among Sufi saints and mystics in the valley of Kashmir India covered by dense Himalayan mountains. The village would remain under heavy snow for five to six months every year. View More

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Conscious Mind can take purposeful decisions. Purposeful decision making leads to perfect action taking. Perfect action taking leads to inclusive success and it leads to Conscious Excellence.

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